Coronavirus … FREE comms toolkit for schools

These are unprecedented times, yet our schools are still open, supporting students both in the classroom and those at home.

It is a mammoth job and senior leaders are under pressure to deliver work to students while also communicating the constantly changing messages both locally and nationally. They also need to support at a time when hard work towards exams may be for nothing. Some family members may also fall victim to the virus … they will need support too.

In all of this, schools are vitally important for community cohesion and they need to be able to show this.

Local Voice Media can help … now!

We are a group of Bristol based media professionals. We have worked in dozens of schools, supporting with comms, media relations, multi media and troubleshooting. We can take some of the strain at such a difficult time.

During the crisis, we are offering a consultation service free of charge for media/comms/troubleshooting support and help with creating messages.


Get in touch here, putting the code FREE TOOLKIT in message box, and we’ll send our free comms toolkit.

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