Emma Cooper

Advertising Services

So how did I get into this business? At the age of 18 I found a recruitment advertisement in my local free newspaper looking for a features telesales person, after being the successful applicant I soon realised within a few weeks this was the career for me.

Throughout my 20 years sales career with the local media I progressed to Head of Advertising and worked as part of the senior management team at Northcliffe Media (The Bristol Evening Post), contributing to the day to day running of this evolving and fast paced sales environment and responsible for numerous daily, weekly, monthly newspapers, not to mention the websites.

Six years later the rest is history, both my husband and I run four local newspapers in Bristol, employing local people and working in partnership with freelancers and businesses alike.

The feedback from both businesses and readers has been very positive with many clients using us from the beginning. Our aim now is to grow in the community, covering issues which matter to our readers and providing the conversation.

Give us a call or send us a quick email with what you’re looking for. We’re friendly and we want to get to know you.